The week's 8 best concerts: Apr. 2-5

Lucy Dacus, Margaret Glaspy

Lucy Dacus, Margaret Glaspy Photos courtesy of Matador Records, ATO Records

April is the coolest month. Here are some concert recommendations to make sure that your week isn’t a wasteland.

Monday 4.2

Judas Priest @ the Armory
Judas Priest just released their most acclaimed album since 1990’s Painkiller, despite numerous obstacles, including guitarist Glenn Tipton’s Parkinson’s disease, which is preventing him from joining the British metal legends on tour. Firepower reunites Priest with their ’80s producer Tom Allom, who helps them recapture their essence, though frontman Rob Halford, recognizing the wear on his voice, wisely adjusts by singing in decidedly lower tones than he used to. With Saxon and Black Star Riders. 7 p.m. $67.50-$291.79. 500 S. Sixth St., Minneapolis. More info here.—Michael Madden

The Soft Moon @ Turf Club
The Soft Moon, the one-man project of Oakland native Luis Vasquez, began as a primarily instrumental act that melded ’80s post-punk, krautrock, and industrial music, but Vasquez has since integrated vocals and hooks without sacrificing any moodiness. On the fourth Soft Moon album, February’s propulsive, thrashing Criminal, Vasquez grapples with childhood trauma and a lifelong sense of guilt, though its confessions are more cathartic than dark. With Boy Harsher and DJ Grant Mayland. 21+. 7 p.m. $13/$15. 1601 University Ave. St. Paul. More info here.—Michael Madden

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Tuesday 4.3

Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound Revue @ Palace Theatre
Waiting on a Song, the second solo album from the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, is a sunny collection that fuses the classic Nashville Sound with retro rock, soul, and pop, featuring guests like John Prine and Duane Eddy. Now Auerbach has hit the road with some of the artists on his new, Nashville-based label and its house band. Joining him are Shannon & the Clams, who juggle ’60s twangy rock and girl group sounds, and Louisiana classic blues/R&B singer Robert Finley, who knocks Auerbach-penned tunes out of the park on his new Goin’ Platinum! 8 p.m. $35-$55. 17 W. 7th Pl., St. Paul. More info here.Rick Mason

Of Montreal @ Cedar Cultural Center
Whimsical, often surreal, mercurial rummaging in peculiar pop crannies has long been the modus operandi of Of Montreal auteur Kevin Barnes. After recent infatuations with roots, punk, and glam, Barnes now cites extended dance mixes of ’80s pop as inspiration for OM’s new White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood. A mere six, synth-soaked tracks skirt infectious, funky beats that wind through intricate, kaleidoscopic arrangements, while sci-fi-like lyrics address grotesquely twisted reality in personal and political contexts. Mega Bog opens. 7:30 p.m. $21. 416 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis. More info here.—Rick Mason

The Go! Team @ Turf Club
Team captain Ian Parton dispersed his crew and recorded The Scene Between in 2015 with a gaggle of understudies, maybe just to prove that he could (there’s no I in team but there’s sure as hell one in Ian), But he got the team back together for Semicircle, a just-like-old-times glee infusion that never sounds forced. Pep band horns are by turns chipper and sour, beats recall drum lines and studio funk and Morse code all at once, deliriously congested guitar tangles redolent of Revolver chafe against orchestrations from forgotten ’60s matinee soundtracks, and returning MC Ninja mixes old school raps with jump-rope rhymes. Even if lyrics like “There’s something here to believe in” and titles like “Plans Are Like a Dream U Organize” don’t resuscitate your inner optimist, there should be something inspiring about Parton’s faith in melody as an infinitely renewable resource. With Basement Revolver. 21+. 7 p.m. $16. 1601 University Ave. St. Paul. More info here.—Keith Harris

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Wednesday 4.4

Lucy Dacus @ 7th St Entry
Richmond singer-songwriter Lucy Dacus drew unexpected acclaim for her off-the-cuff debut, No Burden. Her hotly anticipated follow-up, Historian, adeptly offers both intimate confessionals and searing insights into the human dilemma, quiet chamber pop and raging indie rock. Musings on relationships, creativity, and faith ignite mid-album into existential dramas washed by languorous blues and lashed by Jacob Blizard’s elegantly anguished electric guitar. Dacus grapples with doubt, loss and fleeting time, but ultimately is buoyed by hope. And The Kids and Adult Mom open. 18+. 7 p.m. $12-$15. 701 Firstt Ave. N., Minneapolis. More info here.—Rick Mason

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Thursday 4.5

Margaret Glaspy @ First Avenue
Margaret Glaspy’s efficient, modest folk-rock sound is strong enough to land the singer-songwriter and guitarist a headlining spot in the Mainroom. She has a band, but she can be even better without them, singing with explosive passion over raw, bluesy picking and strumming. In February, she followed her excellent 2016 debut album, Emotions and Math, with the three-song Born Yesterday EP. With Big Thief guitarist Buck Meek. 18+. 7 p.m. $17/$20. 701 First Ave. N., Minneapolis. More info here.—Michael Madden

Pool Party Round 6 @ Khyber Pass
Khyber’s “pool party” concept involves selecting from a pool of musicians at random for spontaneous group improvisation. The sixth edition features a pair of formidable bassists in Happy Apple’s Erik Fratzke and “special guest” Brian Courage along with clarinetist Carley Olson and Adam Zahller doubling on vocals and recorders. 9:20 p.m. $5. 1571 Grand Avenue, St. Paul. More info here.Britt Robson

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