The weekend's best concerts: May 24-27

Mudhoney is at the Fine Line on Saturday.

Mudhoney is at the Fine Line on Saturday. Emily Rieman

It’s festival season for real now, with both the Memory Lanes Block Party and Soundset taking place over the weekend. And for once, the weather is supposed to be neither stormy nor sweltering. Unless I just jinxed it. (I just jinxed it, didn’t I?)

Friday 5.24

Terry Reid @ Cedar Cultural Center
Affectionately nicknamed Superlungs, English guitarist/songwriter Terry Reid is a semi-legendary rock and roll character whose potentially stellar career was sidelined by bad luck and timing. Reid’s charismatic, soulful voice prompted invitations to front nascent Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, which he turned down. But he crafted a cult rep via a handful of strong albums and tunes and becaome a lost treasure periodically surfacing out of ’70s mists via performances and other artists’ covers. In a forthcoming biopic, Robert Plant, Graham Nash, and others lavish praise on his still extant talents. 8 p.m. $25—$30. 416 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis. More info here.—Rick Mason

Sleep Study and Van Stee @ Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater (read our Sleep Study profile here)

Chromeo @ First Avenue

France Camp @ 7th St Entry

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Saturday 5.25

Mudhoney @ Fine Line
A key originator of Seattle’s late ’80s grunge outbreak, Mudhoney blazes on 30 years later, still spewing blistering, gloriously dirty rock inspired by the Stooges and still royally pissed off. That lingering anger, now focused on Trump and the other “Neanderfucks” (Mark Arm’s borrowed term) afflicting the planet, fires the quartet’s latest album, Digital Garbage. Arm spares no caustic wit eviscerating “evangelical hypocrites,” right-wing paranoiacs, and social media zombies, his sneering howl ricocheting off the rhythm section’s thunder and Steve Turner’s lacerating guitar. Metz and The Black Eyed Snakes open. 18+. $25—$40. 318 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis. More info here.—Rick Mason

Sun Ra Tribute @ Cedar Cultural Center
The success of the grand myth Sun Ra built around being a denizen of Saturn lay in the astral glory of his jazz fantasia, decades ahead of its time in the 1960s and ’70s. Three days after the 105th anniversary of Ra’s first habitation on earth, a stellar cast of kindred ensembles—including Portal III and Temple of the Nu—will conjure a variant of his inimitable blend of avant-garde jazz, deep blues, electronics and chants in a program dubbed “Cosmo Sun Connection.” All ages. 8 p.m. $15. 416 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis. More info here.—Britt Robson

Snarky Puppy @ Palace Theatre
Snarky Puppy provides a rare demonstration of how the excesses of fusion jazz can be a good thing. How does a 17-member band stay taut and funky without becoming rote and overly technical? By rotating in 8 to 12 different players each performance, then unfurling that freak flag of extended improvisation at choice moments. Of course they’re better live—more than half their 11 albums are concert recordings—and it will be fun to discover the pivots on their latest, the internationally–flavored Immigrance. 18+ 7:30 p.m. $30-$55. 17 W. 7th Place, St. Paul. More info here.—Britt Robson

Sebadoh @ First Avenue

Official Soundset Before Party @ First Avenue

Sunday 5.26

Ethan Iverson @ Crooners Supper Club
Iverson’s split from the Bad Plus has been beneficial to both parties, as the trio received a welcome shove in a new direction from pianist Orrin Evans, and Iverson is freer to explore his wide-ranging and idiosyncratic but always thorough exploration of his latest sources of curiosity. These now semi-regular solo gigs among a respectful, knowledgeable, audience in the Dunsmore Jazz Room will be a long-remembered hallmark of this phase among the locals. All ages. 7:30 p.m. $25. 6161 Highway 65 NE, Minneapolis. More info here.—Britt Robson

Official Soundset After Party @ First Avenue

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Monday 5.27

Todd Clouser, John Medeski, Greg Schutte @ Icehouse

Robert Robinson @ Dakota

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