The weekend's best concerts: Feb. 28-Mar 1

Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Ladysmith Black Mambazo Luis Leal

Leap Day is finally here. A whole extra day. Don’t waste it, ya ingrates.

Friday 2.28

Atmosphere @ Palace Theatre
It’s been a whole six weeks since Slug and Ant played First Ave. after springing Whenever, a surprise new disc that hops between hometown love and global dread. Slug opens in the Bde Maka Ska lot pondering a dash into traffic and closes hiding up in the mountains “on the cusp of extinction,” but Ant’s beats make it all a blues you want to marinate in. The Palace is a larger venue, and already sold out—we’re all more familiar with the songs now, so Whenever, if you’re holding, let’s go…. 7 p.m. $35/$45 in advance. 17 7th Place W., St. Paul. More info here.—Britt Robson

SPCO plays Vivaldi, Haydn, Messiaen @ Ordway
A gimmick with the goods to back it up—the SPCO has structured a program around the concept of echo. Antonin Vivaldi’s Concerto in A for Violin Solo and Three Violins, Echo (featuring Nina Tso-Ning Fan) is an obvious choice, but Haydn’s Symphony No. 80 with its thematic repetition, and Messiaen’s “Intersellar Call” from The Canyons to the Stars, which premiered in the 1970s and was inspired by Bryce Canyon in Utah are two clever additions. Also Saturday. 8 p.m. $12-$50. 345 Washington Ave., St. Paul. More info here.—Britt Robson

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Saturday 2.29

Destroyer @ Turf Club
In an unusually specific and targeted case of ’80s retro, Destroyer’s electronic lounge-rock evokes with alarming precision the sound of Boomer rockers adapting to synthpop: fusion guitar licks, oleaginous keyboard gush, a grizzled voice straining to sound suave. On the Vancouver band’s new Have We Met, Dan Bejar further refines his sleekly tailored impassivity. With Eleanor Friedberger. 21+. 8 p.m. $22. 1601 University Ave., St. Paul. More info here.—Lucas Fagen

Steve Kinney-Zacc Harris Quintet @ Black Dog Café
Curator-trumpeter Steve Kinney celebrates his 300th booking at the Black Dog with a new quintet, co-led by fellow impresario, label head and guitarist Zacc Harris and featuring the best local mainstays and young lions in the form of pianist Bryan Nichols and bassist Charlie Lincoln, respectively, with Ben Ehrlich completing the quartet on drums. The opener is a JazzINK Young Masters Showcase featuring saxophonist Collin Roycraft. 7 p.m. Free. (Tip jar and $20 for reserved table seat). 308 East Prince St., St. Paul. More info here.—Britt Robson

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Sunday 3.1

Ladysmith Black Mambazo @ Fitzgerald Theater
Leader Joseph Shabala may have recently passed away, but the legacy of South Africa’s best known choral groupbest known musicians period, perhaps—is now in the capable hands of his sons. Their sound remains their own—grand yet nimble, gorgeous yet human. All ages. 8 p.m. $29.50-$49.50. 10 East Exchange St., Saint Paul. More info here.—Keith Harris

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