The Week That Was: Wild Flag kicks off tour, P!nk is Preggers, Fiery Furnaces to Own 2011


Another week down, fam! 2011 is that much closer. Trust.

[jump] Regular Gimme Noise readers know that I spill a lot of digital ink in this space mocking music-world news. But I'm not going to take potshots at P!nk, who just announced that she's expecting a baby with off-again/on-again hubby Corey Hart. Is the woman is a solipsistic - albeit talented - fool with questionable taste in hairstylists? Yes. Does her practiced sneer make me sick? Yes. Is it a struggle for me to listen to her post-2003 pop songs without puking? Definitely. But even the most wretched, attention-grabbing media whores promoting twisted, idiosyncratic brands of cool today deserve to find happiness and peace; P!nk and Hart have been through a lot in public, and if these two pig-headed personalities can fall into and out of and then back into love, and create a child, and not kill each other and that child, then maybe there's hope for all of us.


Lil Wayne Invites Not-So-Desirable Comparison to Ol' Dirty Bastard

Seeds - they're not just for farming!


The Social Network Has Soooo Much To Answer For

Seriously? Rolling Stone runs a fairly entertaining piece on drug-fueled, power-hungry young hackers in June and the shit's already been optioned for the big screen? Talk about striking while the iron's hot.

Buena Vista Social Clubbers + Pals Bankroll Def, Stark "Black, White, and Red All Over" Art Statement Attached To Almost-Ancillary Genre Mash-Up

If I was a rich man, I'd definitely have that cover blown up and painted on a wall in my house! Just look at that thing. Evocative, right? Even before you actually hear Afrocubism, you're totally intrigued by the contrast between cryptic ink doodles and dark-red shapes. Get familiar.

Axl Rose Would Like You To Start Anticipating A New Guns'N'Roses Album

So: how much of a sucker are you?

Fiery Furnaces To Leave You Questioning Whether or Not You're Really Doing Anything Worthwhile With Your Life

Seriously, what's on your slate for next year? You're going to read more? And quit smoking? Start exercising again? Tell your wife you love her more often? Oh good. Good, good, good. That's good. But Matthew Friedberger has got you beat; next year, he's going to issue eight LP-only records where he concentrates on a single instrument at a time. Which means that there will be a Matthew Friedberger guitar album, a Matthew Friedberger piano album, a Matthew Friedberger harp album, and so on, and given his track record - on Fiery Furnaces discs and his prior solo stuff alike - these subscription-only offerings will be whiz-bang bonkers, whippet-hit weird, tweety-bird-circling-around-your-head-after-a-bonk-on-the-head whacked. Oh, and on top of all that? Expect a new Furnaces album next year, and a solo disc from co-Furnace Eleanor Friedberger. What?

Wild Flag To Perhaps Assuage Lingering Pain of Jicks/Helium/Sleater-Kinney HiatusesMary Timony. Janet Weiss. Carrie Brownstein. Somebody named Rebecca Cole. If you didn't know they'd formed a supergroup called Wild Flag and started gigging out last week, now you know; start anticipating the debut now, with this video from their Portland gig over the weekend. You know, Gimme Noise caught a Helium gig back in the day, circa The Magic City, and Timony - who's had an especially scattershot past decade in indie-punk limbo and had all but given up on rock music as a vocation - didn't look anywhere near this thrilled and electrified and outright happy to be alive, which portends good things for this band. More videos here. (By the way, this is a totally different Wild Flag.)Matt Lauer and George Bush Inadvertently Help Kanye West Build More Hype For My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Just By Being ThemselvesSomewhere, Tom Cruise is chuckling dementedly to himself.