The Week That Was: Monday, October 11 through Friday, October 15

Last week? Last week was so several days ago. At this point - polishing off that third mug of crap, employer-subsidized coffee, valiantly procrastinating last week's leftover to-do items, beating yourself about the head and face to stay awake - you probably can barely remember what your name is, let alone what went down in the world of popular music last week.

That's why Gimme Noise is launching The Week That Was, a weekly column in which we'll get you up to speed on rock/rap/fusion/trance-related happenings just in time for your Monday afternoon watercooler break, or cheap-bottled-water-in-a-mini-fridge break, or whatever your local equivalent of killing time without smoking Malboros is. Enjoy!

If Thinking About Wayne Coyne Making A Poster Using His Own Blood Sounds Like It Might Be Creepy, Watching Him Do It Actually Is

Peep it out here, preferably not while chowing down on rare steak, blood sausages, or ripe pomegranates. Doesn't he look like a young Bob Dylan who just got back from two decades of sasquatch-hunting in the Himalayas, or something?

Got $5.99? Act Now And You Can Be Waka Flocka Flame for All Hallows Eve

Keep it three hundred in the hunt for infinite Tootsie Rolls by clicking here. BOW! BOW! BOW! BOW! Brick Squad emblazoned neckerchief sold separately.

Rapper T.I. Talks Suicidal Man Down From Ledge; Shouldn't It Have Been The Other Way Around?

Maybe it's just me, but a story like this seems more inspiring and heartwarming than hearing about Bono inserting himself into delicate international affairs or Wyclef Jean vying to become the president of Haiti or whatever. The humanity, you know? And given Tip's legal problems over the last couple years, it's difficult to not project that sorta similar scene from Lethal Weapon - where a nutso Mel Gibson grabs a would-be jumper and they both plummet down to street level - onto this situation, isn't it? Also: T.I.'s going back to the clink for eleven months. Thanks a bunch, drugs!

Prince Announces Tour Whose Name Vaguely References Coming To America

Janelle Monae is among the Purple One's supporting acts; Of Montreal isn't among the openers, but front man Kevin Barnes is geeked about being one mere degree of separation removed from Prince Rogers Nelson. Shoe retailers report a national run on foot-spray cans over the weekend.

The Pixies' Never-Ending Don't Call It A Comeback Tour Salutes Rescued Chilean Miners

But why couldn't the Pixies have traded places with the miners? In terms of historical impact, how many underappreciated, pre-Nirvanamania rock bands can claim to have met their makers while rocking a mine shaft?

John Stamos Is Making A Beach Boys Movie

This is probably a bad idea, but it could be worse: Stamos (Full House, ER) could actually be starring in this thing.

Kanye West Adds "Sexting" to Already-Considerable Renaissance-Man Resume, Co-Stars with Brett Favre in Innumerable Bawdy Email-Chain Jokes (Probably)

Were you really shocked? Seriously?

Keith Richards' Autobiography Is Going To Be Doper Than Snorting A Dead Relative's Ashes

Don't believe us? Check out these excerpts.

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