The Voice's Prince medley should include the following songs

The Voice recently announced that its celeb judges -- Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, and Maroon 5's Adam Levine -- would attempt a medley of Prince tunes in its second episode this season.

No word on a guest appearance by the celebrated songwriter himself, but this is a refreshing move for a show fighting to top American Idol/X Factor with Kelly Clarkson, Ne-Yo, Miranda Lambert, Alanis Morissette, Lionel Richie, Robin Thicke, Babyface, and Jewel entering the fold as judges. Based upon what we know, it's just our original four combining for a Prince party. Obviously, none of them should perform "Purple Rain," but here are a few selections (not easy to find on YouTube, obviously) that would go a long way in protecting the purple brand.

Christina Aguilera: "Dirty Mind" from Dirty Mind
X-tina long ago proclaimed her love for getting "Dirrty," and this is one of Prince's hottest beats of all time. Although the vocal line is fairly straightforward until the bridge, this is exactly the type of subject matter and tempo that can bring out a great vocal performance from Aguilera. Please, please no cloying balladry for her, producers!

Adam Levine: "The Morning Papers" from the Love Symbol album
Although Maroon 5 rarely makes proper use of Levine's voice, he's got an unmistakeable framework inside that larynx of his. This oft-forgotten single from Prince's 1992 smash will probably not get the nod, and we'll bet a six-pack that he opts for the better-known "7" instead. Mid-tempo stuff is tough, but the passion of "She Will Be Loved" matched with a superior set of lyrics and melody is worth that risk.

Blake Shelton: "Starfish and Coffee" from Sign O' the Times 
It's toughest to find something to match this purveyor of twangy witticisms like "The More I Drink," but far from impossible. Perhaps this song to best cut Shelton's morning whiskey breath is this one. He'll probably be confused as hell as to what he's singing about, but "if you set your mind free baby, maybe you'll understand."

Cee Lo Green: "Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)" from 1999
It would be so easy to give him "Sexy M.F." just based upon his love for the cuss, but that would be super obvious -- and this is family programming. We hope this choice does not inspire some Twitter rage. As a credit to his creativity, it's much easier to give him something a little meatier, a little feistier, and a lot more vocally rigorous. If there's anyone with the pipes to cut into some of those wails and chopped up tempos its the Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley alum. Honestly, most of this album has the rock chops that Cee Lo has always wanted to incorporate, and "Little Red Corvette" or "Free" would be show-stoppers too.

This episode of The Voice will air on Monday, February 5 on NBC.

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