The Vibro Champs' Dave Wolfe seeks help to defray his wife's medical costs

Dave Wolfe and Eva Strangelove
Dave Wolfe and Eva Strangelove

Without question, this has been one of the worst flu seasons in recent history, with the sickness reaching epidemic proportions throughout most of the United States and beyond. Sadly, former Minneapolis music mainstay Dave Wolfe has found this out firsthand, as his wife, the model/dancer Eva Strangelove, contracted an especially potent strain that has hospitalized her in the ICU for more than two weeks, requiring minor surgeries and constant, 24-hour care.

Wolfe is the former music booker at Lee's Liquor Lounge, and was a member of the celebrated Minneapolis rockabilly band the Vibro Champs (as well as the cow-punk outfit, Reverse Cowgirl). He moved to Austin, Texas a while back, but still returns to the Twin Cities on occasion, and had no doubt left his spirited musical stamp on the local music scene in many ways.

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Wolfe, who like most working musicians doesn't have health insurance, has now set up a GiveForward fundraiser page to help defray some of the mounting medical costs incurred by his wife's long hospital stay.

According to Wolfe, Strangelove is in need of one or two more surgeries as part of her ongoing recovery, and has also been hooked up to an ECMO machine for the past week.

Wolfe also speaks candidly of his difficult situation on the site: "We are not ones to ask for charity but so many people have asked and how can I refuse when the outpouring has been so dramatic. You all have been way too kind already and this feels very odd. Nobody thinks they are going to be in this spot but we all know more that one person that has been. Thanks for your help. No Words."

I'm sure Wolfe still has plenty of friends in the Twin Cities area who are saddened by the news of Eva's struggles and sickness, and would love to do their part to help out an old friend in his time of need. If so, please go to the GiveForward page that Wolfe has humbly set up and help him and Eva out however you can.

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