The very last Frey day

Today officially marks the end of FreyGate. Really. We promise you'll never have to hear this guy's name again. Ok, we just lied like we're James Frey wearing a pair of burning pants on Oprah and all we can think about is that awesome Queen song. But we did it for a good cause.

Upon perusing Amazon earlier today, we stumbled upon this gem of an interview with James Frey from a few months back. In the web site's "significant 7" Q&A, Frey is asked, "What is the worst lie you've ever told?" His answer: "No way I can answer that." you suppose Nan Talese prepped him for that question? He answered like someone was holding a gun, or a golden Oprah-book-club check, to his pulsating temple.

But it got us thinking. Frey, though he still remains recalcitrant and stoic, has to feel somewhat unburdened by these revelations. Plus, the beginning of the year is a great time to publicly come clean and unfasten ourselves from all those suffocating fish stories. So let's do it: What's the worst lie you ever told? I'll start.