The Ventures' Bob Bogel dead at 75


It's one of the most recognizable guitar tones in the history of rock and roll. Listen to the Ventures' smash hit  "Pipeline" and a few seconds in you'll hear Bob Bogel's guitar wailing in a haunting whistle.

Bogel was the lead guitarist of the Ventures, a garage band that helped launch the surf rock craze, and recorded a body of material that has found second and third lives in the generations that followed it. And over the weekend, Bogel passed away from lymphoma. He was 75.

Straight from the vinyl-- the Ventures' cover of "Sleep Walk." Bob Bogel plays the guitar lead.

Tacoma's News Tribune reports the following:

Bogle, a resident of Vancouver, Wash., was 75 when he died on Sunday. He suffered from non-Hodgkin lymphoma and became too frail to play with the Ventures in his waning years, but lived long enough to see his band inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March 2008.

Bogle became ill over the weekend and was taken to a hospital, where he died, according to Ventures co-founder Don Wilson, Bogle's friend and musical collaborator of more than five decades.

The Ventures, in addition to recording material that has found its way into every soundtrack, video game and hip-hop song of the last 50 years, was a band that managed to harness the melancholy and the alienating elements of a time and place most often marked for its seeming brotherhood. While "Wipeout!" was an anthem for surfer wannabes hundreds of miles from any coast, songs liike "Walk Don't Run" and their cover of "Sleep Walk" were nuanced, haunting melodies that defined a part of every generation they touched.

Bogel's lymphoma had kept him too weak to perform with the still-active Ventures for several years. He will be buried in a private ceremony on June 19th.