The Vaselines at the Varsity, 10/27/10


The Vaselines and the Chambermaids

October 27, 2010

Varsity Theater, Minneapolis

After a long drive through the blizzards out West and an amazing in-studio  session on  Radio K in the afternoon, the legendary Glasgow duo the Vaselines found themselves at their first show ever in Minneapolis Wednesday night at the Varsity Theater in Dinkytown.

[jump] Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee and back up band showed off their effortless knack for driving and jangly rhythm and unforgettable melodies to just a smattering of loyal indie rock fans, churning out a very entertaining evening of cult staples with a heavy sampling of this year's very satisfying Sex with an X, their first in 20 years.


Right out of the gate with classics "Monster Pussy" and the brilliant "I Hate the 80's," the band's solid set was peppered with quite a bit of the their typical Scottish salty-mouthed humour and between-song banter. "I heard he had quite a small penis, though not as tiny as yours Eugene," deadpanned McKee before "Jesus Don't Want Me for a Sun Beam," adding "Feel free to dry hump each other during this next song.." as they tore into "Rory Rides Me Raw."

The band gave props to local openers the Chambermaids, who were a last minute replacement for the Dum Dums, even enlisting drummer Alex Rose to play the bike horn part on "Molly's Lips" to the envy of all fans present.

As much a celebration of their highly influential but somehow still obscure classics, the new material mixed in showed a glint of hope at a brighter and more consistent future for the band -- though McKee several times insisted this would be their "First and last ever gig in Minneapolis." The infectious "Sex with an X" and "The Devil Inside Me" showed  even after such a long break in working together sing along cheekiness still comes quite naturally to the couple.

 <b>Personal Bias:</b> I have lunch boxes filled with 45's of all this kind of stuff.

The Crowd: Not so much how many people but the right people.

Overheard in the Crowd: "I don't know what songs they'll encore with. They've already played almost every song they have."

Random Notebook Dump: Finding Frances McKee to be a definite "would ya."

For more photos: See our full slideshow by Adam Bubolz.


"Oliver Twisted"

"Monster Pussy"

"I Hate the 80's"

"The Day I Was A Horse"

"Sex With an X"

"Jesus Don't Want Me for a Sunbeam"


"The Devil Inside Me"

"Molly's Lips"

"Overweight But Over You"


"Son of a Gun"

"No Hope"

"Rory Ride Me Raw"


Alex Rose of the Chambermaids plays the horn with the Vaselines

Alex Rose of the Chambermaids plays the horn with the Vaselines


"Mouth to Mouth"

"Dying for It"