The Ultramods record first album entirely on iPad2

Nerd alert! A mere three weeks after the iPad2 was released, duo Bunny Sparber and Coco Mault had already used the built-in GarageBand application to record a 12-track album, Underwear Party, using the built-in digital instruments and microphone to record a new set of raunchy tunes. The project has already been mentioned on Wired's Gadget Lab blog, and has earned mentions on tech blogs across the country for being the first album of its kind.

You may remember Bunny and Coco (who also contributes to our arts blog, Dressing Room) from their previous playful explorations in vulgarity, including their 

country trio with Courtney McLean, the Dirty Curls

, and their short-lived

 Irish punk duo the Peter O'Tooles


So what's it sound like? 

The recording is obviously lo-fi, but there's a certain charm to the chaos that unravels across the 12 tracks. Much like their past work, the Ultramods seem to embrace their lack of musicianship wholeheartedly, the instruments occasionally falling out of time and giving the whole thing a Shaggs-meets-Lou Reed sort of vibe.

The Ultramods have already released a pair of videos to accompany the album. Here's the latest video for the song "Fuck You You Fucking Fuck" (NSFW... obviously) that features them flicking off a bunch of adorable animals:

For samples of their music, lyrics, and more, check the Ultramods' site.

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