The U Battles it out with Victoria's Secret

Much to the dismay of boys and girls everywhere, the U reportedly is not taking part in

Victoria's Secret

upcoming PINK collegiate collection, despite recent reports otherwise. According to the

Minnesota Daily:

"The clothing line was not in step with the University's values and focus."

Poor Victoria didn't know she was being rejected. The company sent out a press release with the U on it. Even the Strib forgot to fact check.

According to University Associate Athletics Director Tom Wistrcill, the school and the Victoria didn't talk things through.

...[T]here may have been miscommunication between the parties involved, as the University uses the Collegiate Licensing Company as its middle man between companies requesting licenses and the school.

"That middle company means that the University didn't directly communicate with Victoria's Secret," he said.

It's too bad. It turns out the University of Wisconsin-Madison did.

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