The Twilight Hours play the Varsity Theater tomorrow


Judging from the overwhelmingly positive response we received from the City of Music video we posted of the New Standards covering Trip Shakespeare's "Snow Days," there are quite a few John Munson and Matt Wilson fans out there looking for a fix this holiday season. Lucky for you, the duo -- who have performed together in the past in Trip Shakespeare and the Flops and are now collaborating as the Twilight Hours -- have a special show planned at the Varsity Theater tomorrow night, and we want to send some of our readers to check it out.

[jump] If the Twilight Hours' set at last week's First Avenue 40th Annivesary Bash is any indication, fans can expect to hear "Snow Days" at the show tomorrow night alongside the lush pop songs from the band's debut, Stereo Night. And we wouldn't be surprised if "Snow Days" is the only "cover" they manage to sneak into their performance.

Want to check out the show for free? Avid readers, you know the drill -- be sure to follow us on Twitter at @gimme_noise, and we'll post the instructions for our ticket giveaway this afternoon.