The Tribe and Big Cats! drop video, prep for album release


With their new album due out in a couple of weeks, the Tribe and Big Cats! teamed up with Fifth Element to put out a music video for their first single, "Breaking Down the Walls." The track features some great verses by Tribe lead MC Truth Be Told, and it might be the first hip-hop video I've ever seen to climax with dudes DRAMATICALLY CHOPPING WOOD.

Gotta love the Twin Cities. There's a little lumberjack in all of us.

[jump] If you dig the track, you can preorder the Tribe and Big Cats! full-length, Forward Thinkers Movers Shakers, over at the Fifth Element online store. The trio is also planning a pair of album release events on January 21, including an in-store at Fifth Element and a gig at Cause with Mally and I.B.E.