The Tribe and Big Cats! collaborate with MaLLy and Claire Taubenhaus on new track


The Twin Cities rap community gets plenty of accolades (and some criticism) for its overwhelmingly hyper-literate, socially conscious bent. But recently, some of the hip-hop groups making the most waves have been breathing fresh air into the scene by taking a more unapologetically mainstream approach. Two of those acts -- trio the Tribe and Big Cats! and solo artist MaLLy -- have pooled their efforts on a new track, "We Gone," and the slow-burning summer jam is a great representation of what both camps have cooking this year.

[jump] "We Gone" also features a vocal hook by Claire Taubenhaus, and is reportedly the first of a four-part series of singles by the Tribe and Big Cats! called Make Good, which will be released over the next four months. And as we mentioned yesterday, MaLLy is working on his own album, The Next Great, which is also due out this fall.

For more on the Tribe and Big Cats!, revisit our interview with the group from back in January.

mp3: The Tribe and Big Cats!, "We Gone" (feat. MaLLy and Claire Taubenhaus)