The Top Five Wrestlemania Music Performances

Yup, Diddy did the Wrestlemania.

Yup, Diddy did the Wrestlemania.

This Sunday is Wrestlemania, WWE's Super Bowl of sports entertaiment. Along with grapplers like Brock Lesnar, the Undertaker, John Cena and Daniel Bryan competing at this year's event, music fans will also be treated to live performances from Travis Barker, Kid Ink, David Guetta and Skylar Grey.

If those names surprise you, you might not be aware of the long tradition of live Wrestlemania performances from some of music's biggest acts. Snap into a Slim Jim and check out our picks for the top five musical performances in Wrestlemania history.

5) Diddy - Wrestlemania 29
Before entering the annual spectacular's dirty thirties, WWE had one more Wrestlemania back in the New York-New Jersey area where it all began. To mark the occasion, Wrestlemania 29 featured Diddy not just performing the event's theme "Coming Home," but galvanizing the receptive hometown crowd with "Victory" and "Mo' Money Mo' Problems." Music at wrestling events can either be feast or famine, but something about Diddy doing such a well loved song briefly turned MetLife Stadium into a 80,000-person, late-'90s junior high dance in the most feel-good of ways.

4) Mark Crozer - Wrestlemania 30
Creepy backwoods swamp leader Bray Wyatt is among the creepiest competitors in the WWE. While he faces the Undertaker this Sunday, last year his match against John Cena had one of the evening's coolest entrances thanks to a cryptic elaborate cult-like performance of his entrance theme from The Jesus and Mary Chain guitarist Mark Crozer. The unsettling pageantry and ominous vibes is the type of spectacle great wrestling bad guys are made from.

3) Motorhead - Wrestlemania 17
"We're Motorhead, and we're gonna kick your ass!" So began one of the event's greatest performances as Lemmy and company played multi-time champion Triple H to the ring. Playing "The Game," one of the three original songs dedicated to Triple H in the Motorhead discography, it produced an unforgettable entrance at one of the WWE's all-time greatest events.

2) Living Colour - Wrestlemania 29
When CM Punk captured mainstream attention with his unconventional charisma after his infamous "pipebomb" monologue went viral in the summer of 2011, it created a blurring of the lines between reality and fiction that harkened back to a different era in the medium. It was worked into the company's storylines that Punk demanded the WWE license "Cult of Personality" for his entrance theme. Two years later, on the song's 25th anniversary, Living Colour stole the show by playing "Cult of Personality" as Punk made his way to the ring to battle the Undertaker.
Salt 'N' Pepa Describe "Whatta Man" Lawrence Taylor Is

Salt 'N' Pepa Describe "Whatta Man" Lawrence Taylor Is

1) Salt 'N' Pepa - Wrestlemania XI
One year after Salt 'N' Pepa had the number three song in the country with their classic "Whatta Man," WWE (then WWF) invited the beloved rap outfit to perform the song as NFL great Lawrence Taylor's entrance music for his wrestling debut against Bam Bam Bigelow. What makes the performance even more special is how the group, who are admitted fans and have popped up on a few wrestling broadcasts over the years, rewrote "Whatta Man" to specifically be supporting Taylor and chronicle his three-month long tiff with Bigelow. Great as this performance was, licensing issues has sadly kept it from the bulk of Wrestlemania XI's home video and digital releases.

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