The Ting Tings: Amber Schadewald reviews the Varsity Theater show

The Ting Tings Varsity Theater, Aug. 4 Review by Amber Schadewald

Brit duo the Ting Tings had a sold-out Varsity Theater crowd completely crammed up to the stage, flailing their arms and soaking in sweat. More humid than outside, the theater was muggy, but fans kept their cool, focusing on the unbelievable amount of sound coming from the two tiny band members. What Jules De Martino and Katie White lack in quantity of musicians, the group makes up in quality.

After an impressive set from openers Solid Gold, the all-ages show was off to an energetic start. Minivans must have dropped off their cargo early, as all of the tots and a even a few moms occupied the front half of the venue, while the adults herded towards the bar in back.

Wearing a pair of gloriously buckled shoes, silver leggings and blue nail polish, White was adorable yet tough as she romped under the lights with her guitar, keyboards and red mic. “Great DJ” was the second song into the set, begging all the three-foot-tall girl scouts onto their tip toes for a better view. The song was extended, as they repeated the well-known chorus about five or six times, urging people to sing and clap along.

White told the room that the Varsity Theater was one of the best venues they’ve ever seen and then without much ado, started into “Fruit Machine,” sewing together heavy amounts of the loop machine and shrieking vocals from White. Flinging her ratty blonde hair and dark roots in a tornado-like fashion, White evoked Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth.

“Not My Name” was of course a big hit during the show, encouraging the swarm of teens to flip their hair and gently mosh with each other. At one point during “Shut Up and Let Me Go,” both De Martino and White froze for a good thirty seconds, holding drum sticks in the air without flinching. On a nod, the two smacked out a full dance beat, White beating the hell out of their very own Ting Tings bass drum. She also picked up a cowbell and De Martino took a moment to show off with a quick drum solo.

A band to keep your peepers tuned into, they’d be worth seeing many times, for not only killer music but honestly entertaining musicians. -- Amber Schadewald

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