The Thermals treat fans to nostalgic surprise at the Turf Club

The recent craze of musicians playing their most popular albums in full is a double-edged sword. It’s the stuff of concert promoters’ dreams and a kick for fans to see their favorite deep cuts done live. But it also removes that precious “what’s coming next?” spontaneity from shows, and often represents an artist admitting defeat and resorting to nostalgia for a continued paycheck. When a band tears through an entire fan-favorite record completely unannounced, though? There can’t be too many more things more thrilling than that. Not only did the Thermals play 2006’s politically charged The Body, The Blood, The Machine in its entirety at the 350-capacity club, they also aired all but one song (closer “Years in a Day”) from the Chris Walla-produced We Disappear. Fellow Portlanders Summer Cannibals and Catbath opened. Read our full review here. Photos by Tony Nelson on April 19, 2016.