The Swayze name to live on in popular music

If historians made an 80s time capsule and failed to put Dirty Dancing at the top of the pile, we might as well just throw those so-called experts in there, too. After all, the film turned Patrick Swayze and his biceps into an undeniable icon of virility, taking ladies (okay, and men) to the brink with his soft croon on the movie's soundtrack. Even today, "She's Like the Wind" is a sensual romp through 80s nostalgia; the lyrics alone are enough to give anyone special tingles ("She's like the wind through my tree"? Hmm...). But this aural pleasure is not the only contribution the late and great Swayze bestowed on the music-appreciating public. After the jump you'll find four more instances of Swayze's influence on popular music -- yet another reason why we always wanted to be his Baby. His hint-of--a-mullet's way up on that list, too.

Swayzak - "In The Car Crash"

In a 2004 interview with this London-based duo (who are popular in the world of electronic music), the producers admitted they'd had an obsession with Dirty Dancing since youth. Check out the opening of their entry, which I've always thought was kind of funny:
This London based deep dub-house duo got their moniker from a bastardization of actor Patrick Swayze's name, wanting something memorable but not immediately recognizable. This description also applies to their general approach to music: distinctive and not easily classified.

Schwayze - "Hollywood"

As obnoxious as these dudes are, we've got to give them kudos for their cute alias, which is probably how Sean Connery pronounces the late actor's name.

Notorious BIG feat. Too Short - "Big Booty Hoes" (NSFW)

The man's legendary surname spurred an entire rap lexicon (see: Urban Dictionary) whereas "Swayze" can be substituted for ... well, pretty much anything. It's most used, though, to mean "to disappear," referencing Swayze's other big movie, Ghost. We doubt any other actor has that claim to fame. Biggie, perhaps most nastily, used Swayze's name in this XXX rap featuring Too $hort (Warning: Lyrics incredibly NSFW). 

Chris Parnell & Andy Samberg - Saturday Night Live - "Lazy Sunday"

Yo reach in my pocket, pull out some dough. The girl acted like she'd never seen a ten before. It's all about the Hamiltons baby. Throw the snacks in the bag and I'm Ghost like Swayze.   

The reference really tops the song off, don't you think?

Totally non-music related bonus video: 

Trailer Park Boys - "Friends Of The Road"