The Sudden Lovelys: There is bravery involved with risk

The Sudden Lovelys had a little more time to incubate their thoughts this time around. A few years ago, the folk-rock duo released three albums in one year, an amazing feat that makes any one question what they have done with their life. On their latest album Brave and Alive, husband and wife Paige and Danny Ferraro open up with pieces steeped in sincerity and unfold and develop as you delve deeper.

Gimme Noise caught up with Paige before the band's album release at Icehouse on Saturday to talk about how they involved more musicians on their new album to fill out the sound and how she and Danny stay grounded in such a chaotic world.

Band members: Paige Ferraro and Daniel Ferraro

Gimme Noise: The new single "Gone is Time" is a little poppier than your past works and has a throwback feel to it -- almost a Johnny Cash/June Carter Cash sound. What do you think influenced this direction?

Paige Ferraro: "Gone is Time" was influenced by Daniel's grandparents, all of which were great characters. The throwback sound of the song came naturally while reflecting on their lives over the years.

What's the meaning behind the name Brave and Alive?

It's about taking chances and living life to the fullest. There is a bravery involved with risk and the reward is feeling alive. The introduction to the album, a short song titled "Brave and Alive," is a call to action in hopes that the listener applies this mentality to their own lives.

You talk about greed in your song "Speak the Truth." Was this piece written about a particular subject? 

Specifically in this song, it's about society's "bigger, better, faster, more" mindset. It is our hope that the song brings some awareness to slowing that mindset down and staying grounded while the world around us becomes increasingly more chaotic.

You have many guest musicians on this album. Being known as a duo, what was it like working with so many people?

It was great working with many different musicians, a lot of which are good friends. They are all so talented and we feel very fortunate that they were a part of it. The whole process was a lot of fun.

What did they add to the sound that you felt was important? 

We had an understanding with all the guest musicians that we were not attempting to sound like a full band, We wanted to toe the line of maintaining primarily a two piece sound while adding textures and instrumentation that benefited the songs.

How do you translate a full band sound to a live show? Did you write with that in mind?

We didn't write with a full band in mind. In the future we will probably have guest musicians on stage with us more often. We are ever-evolving and want to keep our music and performances interesting for our audiences and also for ourselves.


It seems as if you guys are constantly creating. How was it taking a little more time this time around rather than releasing three albums in a year? 

This process felt very slow in comparison but we are extremely proud of it. Being that this was our first studio album as The Sudden Lovelys -- as opposed to a home recording -- the process was much different but very rewarding. We worked with so many talented people on this album and we'd like to thank them publicly: Jake Dilley (co-producer); Zachary Hollander (recording engineer); Tom Herbers (mixing engineer); Greg Reierson (mastering engineer); Andrew Foreman (upright bass); Jake Quam and Mark Larson (drums); Jack Kolb-Williams (organ); Laila Stainbrook (violin); Eric Stainbrook (keyboard and accordion); Cory Grossman (cello).

Any standout tracks? 

Our single "Gone is Time" is a definite stand out. However, songs like "Fool For Song" and "Back into the Wild" will surprise the listeners who assume we are a "cute" folk duo. This album has a lot of personality, all of which is genuine to who we are as The Sudden Lovelys.

Will your show at Icehouse be a duo set? Any fun things happening that night that you can reveal ahead of time?

This set will be more than a duo set. Many of our friends who played on the album will be joining us on stage. It will be unlike any other Lovelys show in the past and we're really looking forward to it!

The Sudden Lovelys will release Brave and Alive at Icehouse on Saturday, March 22, 2014.

21+, $12 adv, $15 door, 10 pm

Purchase tickets here.


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