The Stress of Her Regard Create a New Buzz on Sport Marriage EP

The Stress of Her Regard | Kitty Cat Klub | Saturday, February 7
If the Stress of Her Regard seem familiar, it's because the three members used to be one half of the former indie-rock band, Idle Hands. The trio have emerged with Sport Marriage, an EP that draws influence from the Jesus & Mary Chain, Johnny Cash, and Jim Jarmusch, and comes out sounding more like smart British rock that cashes in on bright beats and clever construction.

Before their album release at the Kitty Cat Klub on Saturday, Ciaran Daly shares his thoughts on moving on with his new band and why terrible love affairs are great for crafting songs.


Band Members: Ciaran Daly, Criostoir Daly, Eric Wilson

Gimme Noise: How do you feel the Stress of Her Regard differs in sound from Idle Hands? Why did you decide to change it up?

Ciaran Daly: Idle Hands essentially ended when Eileen, Nick, and Al left. We were in the middle of making what was going to be our second full length. Criostoir and I tried recreating that with other people, but in the end it felt better to just move on and do something new.

Working as a trio with Eric just felt natural and what emerges from that is you use space more, layer arrangements less, make it more about a call and response between instruments. Somewhere in there, we got a lot louder.

Where did the new band name come from?

It comes from the poem "Sphinx and Medusa" by Clark Ashton Smith.

How do you create such a big sound with just three people?

Feedback. Fuzz. Reverb.

I love the opening track "The Ballad of Josie & Davie" -- super catchy. Can you tell me the story behind the song? What was the inspiration for the track?

Thanks. It came from having a terrible on-again, off-again love affair, and the idea that straight people have done a pretty awful job offering up a model of lifelong love between two human beings -- all the way back to Tristan and Isolde. I was feeling pretty cynical, but then at the same time, that summer the marriage amendment was defeated and there was a ton of optimism and hope in the air and some of that maybe comes through. I couldn't write anything truly gloomy in that atmosphere, anyway.

Any favorite tracks on this album? 

Nah, we love them all. They're awesome.

With this being a debut album, what's the direction for the band? Do you want to tour with this album? Do you want to just see how it's received?

We want to play as many shows as we can -- Detroit, London, wherever they'll have us.

What are you excited to share at the album release show?

We'll be playing some of the songs that will be on our vinyl full length later this year. Our friend Ilya Simakov is a brilliant filmmaker and he's going to be doing some projection stuff during the show, so we're psyched to show you guys that too.

The Stress of Her Regard will release Sport Marriage at the Kitty Cat Klub on Saturday, February 7, 2015 with Two Harbors, Phantom Tails, and Red Daughters.
21+, $5, 9 pm


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