The Songs We Can't Escape

I'll cop to some initial wariness over the post-Hoarse Lords output Clipd Beaks showcased on to Realize, where these Cali weirdos traded in outta-bounds psych for illuminated-from-within Bad Moon Rising murk. Like moss on a stone, their new approach will grow on you slowly, and slo-mo tornadic Death Valley dirges like the valiantly desperate "Blood" achieve an increased intensity through repetition.

John Bellows
"Bare to the Bone"

This staggering, broken-down jalopy of a lament sounds as spent and distraught as its at-loose-ends protagonist. Bellows vomits out frustrations, fears, and outright fabrications in deranged, projective glops, as though he can't hold his neuroses in any longer: "I'll warn you, misinform you, with sudden surprise/All dressed up to fess up/Down, I didn't make it on time."

Morning Foam

Feels like a string of sound-editing flubs stitched into an avant-garde short: a snippet of rinky-dink cartoon theme arranged to seem as though it responds to the opening and closing of a Zippo, with looped birdsong and squished orchestral samples layered in for good measure.

Gigi feat. Zac Pennington
"Dreams of Romance"

Dag, yo! Indie rockers be lovin' musical theater, show tunes, overly dramatic arrangements for horns and strings, Glee—and they don't care who knows!

"We All Amplify"

Drum hits like the striking of wooden matches, guitar pestilence like a creeping sonic plague, and singer Mark Morgan offering a bed-headed spin on modern acquiescence: "Everything you say, it all sounds good to me/We all amplify, on our hands, and on our knees."