The Songs We Can't Escape




Rap's salvation? Cormega's def, but maybe what the genre needs now, more than ever, is gratuitous DJ cuts, scratches, and skips. Maybe it's just that simple.

Head Molt
"Police Dhajaal"

You know those spinning machines that are used to condition pilots and astronauts to g-forces, which accelerate to mind-bending speeds and whirl so fast that subjects can barely find the wherewithal to retch? If you've ever wondered what would happen if someone strapped several static-emitting devices to a contraption like that and cranked it to the max, "Police Dhajaal" might be your answer.

Homeboy Sandman
"Angels with Dirty Faces"

As the winds swirl ever harder and colder this winter, Homeboy Sandman would like to keep in your prayers a population that rap doesn't usually bother to acknowledge: the homeless. "Imagine you was dying, and nobody helped you?" he asks. "If ain't nobody listened, you might talk to yourself, too."

Head Molt

Head Molt

Robert A.A. Lowe & Rose Lazar
"Tajdaj Ondoj"

If light-installation artist Olafur Eliasson only tastes one buoy-bobbing-gently-in-the-tide Eno-fi treat this year, "Tajdaj Ondoj" should be it. As a whole, Eclipses is capable of leaving listeners at a loss for superlatives, but this track is altogether on another level.

Young Money feat. Lloyd

Vibe on Kane Beatz's plucked-strings heavy production and Lloyd's rimshot-ready chorus come-ons ("Call me Mr. Flintstone, I can make your bed rock") and disregard everything else here. Why? Because the titular crew sleepwalk through this single and most of We Are Young Money. Let's hear it for saving one's A-game for one's solo career!