The Songs We Can't Escape


Tape Deck Mountain
"Dead Doctors Don't Lie"

Guaranteed to be adored by space-rock cosmonauts and effects-pedal enthusiasts, to confuse Jonas Brothers fans, to totally tick off the radical audiologists' wing of the American Medical Association.

Timber Timbre
"I Get Low"

American gothic revisited, dolorous organ mope, or both? You'll have to be the judge, but this outfit's moody, weak-pulsed pop is darkly alluring, and "I Get Low" has absolutely nothing to do with crunk—which, by the way? Crunk totally isn't dead.

The Beets
"My Bones My Flesh + Me"

Given their lo-fi, Nuggets-humping aesthetic, it's incidentally hilarious that these folks chose to title their new record after an insipid catchphrase popularized by fading WWE superstar Carlito. (It should be noted that this band is about 1,000 times cooler than Carlito.) But maybe this reflects a collective, reclusive nature. See, in the garage, the Beets feel safe; no one cares about their ways!

Nancy Garcia
"These People"

I love that Monotract member Garcia uses the chorus of this song to sarcastically advocate the idea of having us kick her ass while flogging a kick-ass, noise-buffetted rock song as scruffy and stained as a logger's 12-year-old flannel work shirt. Confrontational!

A Tiny Window
"An Abortive Attempt to Jam with Chickens"

Matthew Lundy's work as A Tiny Window is invariably strummy and autumnal, all plectrum-enabled flamenco 12-string jams that succeed in drawing the listener's attention along with them as they wander in dazed, navel-gazing circles and up and down rickety staircases. This one features agitated unnamed chickens who, one assumes, were nearby whenever Lundy was cutting the track.