The Songs We Can't Escape

Brutal Poodle

Brutal Poodle

"Love Has Left the Room"

What ex-Cardigans frontwoman Nina Persson selflessly extends here is an exit, a graceful, no-drama goodbye—or so it seems. "I'll let go, if you just let me/I will forget you, if you will forget me," she promises against a '70s-malaise/Laverne & Shirley strings surge. But a yearning permeates this offer, and the sneaky refrain "I will slip your mind" hints that she actually wants you to miss her, to need her, to savor the memory of her, to stick around. Don't tell me you never get "Lovefool" stuck in your head.

"The Rapist Has No Taste"

Kind of a lark, this, like they recorded themselves discovering that if one bellows like an opera understudy into a microphone hooked up to a certain piece of ratty equipment, a crude echo effect is returned. Additional ambiance: knockabout drum loops, Dead C-esque tonal curdle, Decepticon amplifier blare.

"Kundalini Tremolos"

These Krautrock survivors are like the Energizer Bunny, continually touring and recording and proving that the legacy a band leaves needn't be static. "Tremolos" is a grower, for sure, at first listen sloppily misbegotten, later registering as invigoratingly daring, even though you'd never wanna include it on a treadmill iPod playlist.

"Reveal the Identity"

Prurient guy/Hospital Productions honcho Dominick Fernow wears a fascination with serial killers/societal malaise on his sleeve—"Tortured Hooker" is one of his recording pseudonyms, after all—and it suits the overwrought electronic noise he creates. But naming a collaborative EP Central Park Jogger is maybe a step too far, even if the sound bites embedded in distorted sludge are from cheesy-ass true-crime cable shows.


The stirrings of a water-glass orchestra swoon into rattle-y scrapes, then spawn something more cocoon-like: heartstring-strumming, undulating drones that massage the nerves like aural Jacuzzi jets.