The Songs We Can't Escape

Crystal Castles
courtesy of the artists

"Get Cha Issue"

UGK's sole surviving member reminds us, pointedly and methodically, to question authority—"authority" including police officers and religious/political leaders. Well, yeah.


Doesn't Occam's Razor boil down to the simplest solution to a given problem being the best one? Well, this Toronto duo—named after an ancient arcade game—have figured out that the burgeoning 8-bit zap-pop genre is a whole lot easier to swallow when distressed vox are added to the barrage of blinding bleeps and bloops. It's that easy, kids! Also, the lyric "Just because we don't feel fresh/Doesn't mean we don't fear death" jolts me every time.

"Bleeding Love"

Every time I hear this song, I think "Shouldn't she be out of blood by now? Stop cutting her, man! Dial 911! 911's not a joke!"

"Street Law"

The rawk-ish beat doesn't ape Randy Crawford's "Street Life" (cf. the Jackie Brown soundtrack) but the central sentiment—of living by codes outside of mainstream society—sure brings it to mind. Lyrically, Atlanta rapper Pastor Troy doesn't bring anything new to the table, but dude's beard is crazy; with out-of-control undergrowth like that on your face, how can you stop by the bank or get some groceries without strangers treating you like a freak?

"Chevy a Monster"

Soaring gas prices threaten to render these kinds of vehicular odes irrelevant. (Will MCs be rapping about their tricked-out Vespas in 2020?) But I dig this one because it personifies Rich Boy's ride as a creature instead of a lady, and because the beat hearkens back to White Town's "Your Woman."

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