The Songs We Can't Escape

Depeche Mode
courtesy of the artists


So I'm still reeling from the snuff-film/nightmare vibe this song's video gives off, but "Wrong" is Depeche Mode in ace Depeche Mode, er, mode, which is undeniable. Still, I'm awaiting a slate of YouTube goofs wherein protagonists are shown making bad workaday decisions—hitting the wrong key on a keyboard, pouring regular instead of decaf, sending an embarrassing email to the boss by mistake—only to have a black-clad Greek chorus pop up periodically to chant "WRONG!" in concert with the music.

"Untitled 4"

It's only midway through Organized Anatomy—a collabo between vortex-wrangler Bassett and synth-destroyer Giffoni—that the players' individual performances really begin to congeal, to register as something more significant than a conceptual near-miss. On this track, the pair evince a living, breathing rumble that doesn't resemble anything they'd create on their lonesomes: a black, foreboding noise maelstrom.

"Gene Oldu"

Kim Ki O are sort of like a way less extreme, not-hung-up-on-Lightning Bolt Nisennenmondai. Until now, I'd never thought of Istanbul as a potential hotbed of post-Krautrock, post-Stereolab pop.

"A Rainbow's Journey—Something That's Troubling You"

The conceit at work here—sleep relaxation tapes submerged in space-rock splooge lite—is a lot more engulfing in practice than you might imagine.

"Tribute to Bone Thugs"

No ifs, ands, or buts about it: Cleveland's Bone, Thugs, & Harmony deserve tributes pretty much every day of the week. People still turn their noses up at Eazy-E's mentorship of the group, but don't you dare deny those sing-songy lyricsallslurredtogether rhymes, those blown-out hairdos, the air of ice-cold calm exuded. And fantastic phenom Nino Bless—who is so talented and unknown that it's downright unfair—does 'em more than proud.

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