The Somethin' Else #1 comes to Stevens Square this Friday

Back in March we wrote about the innovative, lovingly curated, and highly conceptual Dystopia Days, a project from local musician and man-about Jon Davis (bassist for one of my favorite bands in town, Haunted House). This week Davis begins a new project that's equally reasoned and intelligent, called "The Somethin' Else." Billed as "an electronic music potluck," The Somethin' Else is a monthly affair, and this time out they're pairing two artists per set for improvised and/or ad-hoc performances that will sit on  seemingly every circle of the left-of-center electronic Venn.

This month's installment features twelve different musicians of seriously respectable pedigrees, and will be taking place this Friday at the Stevens Square Center for the Arts.

You can find more information, including artist bios, at The Somethin' Else blog.

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