The Smitten Kitten says have a fun and safe romp this V-Day

Mmm leather...

Mmm leather...

Valentine's Day is soon approaching, and Gimme Noise decided to visit the Smitten Kitten to ensure that your romp in the bed (or wherever you may choose) will be an informed, safe and fun time. Sex educator Alicia Steele sat down with us to break the ice about sexual knowledge, fill us in about what the Smitten Kitten is all about, and give us the inside scoop on staff-tested items and products (see slideshow). If you are a veteran of the vibrator or still are wondering where the G-Spot really is, the welcoming staff will answer any questions you have, and you can rest assured that you won't be judged.

Check out our sexy slideshow tour of some of the store's finest merchandise.

What services does the Smitten Kitten offer, and what role do you play as a sex educator?

Alicia Steele: People seem to be the most surprised when I tell them we offer classes. Classes run from "How To Eat A Peach" (hand jobs for the ladies and cunnilingus), "Joystick Secrets" (head and hand jobs for guys), to a general Sex Toys 101 class that I just taught...we are a sex positive store, meaning we want people to feel comfortable for feeling sexy, not ashamed. Having classes, places to learn about ourselves is really important -- I feel like it make us feel human. Our events are SO fun! We had a sexy craft fair where we featured local crafters and artists work in the shop -- huge party, huge success. Coming up there is bra fitting, as well as a book club starting.
INSIDERS' TIP: We almost always have great food at events. The staff are all foodies for sure. Great cheese, snacks, beverages of leisure -- love it! 

What is different about your sex toys?

AS: Our toys are all medical grade non-toxic materials that will never break down. You can boil a lot of the toys to sterilize them. For sure all of them are non-porous and so easy to clean. So that dildo your ex girlfriend left at the crib might still have bad energy, but it is still safe -- seriously. We've got glass, sealed wood (super light!), hard plastic, all sorts of materials for all sort of sexin'!

What is a common sex hang up that you find people have that needs to go?

AS: People not using safe sex barriers and saying, "it just doesn't feel good." Come on!?! It is 2010 and technology is on our side. There are all sorts of condoms and dental dams that are thin and durable. Get with it, guys! Maybe we need a new slogan cause "wrap it up" doesn't seem to be working as well as it did in the '90s. Safe sex is hot sex.

You have expressed the importance sexual knowledge and exploration. Why is this important for all people?

AS: We are sexual by nature. From all different directions, culture, media, family, our sexuality is heavily influenced into being a certain way. Gender becomes labeled, sexuality is defined and not everyone truly and organically fits; but the pressure to fit in is stressful. Not being able to be yourself is damn stressful. I think it is great to learn about yourself, embrace what (is safe, healthy) and makes you feel good.

Describe a funny moment in the store.

AS: My first week of the job I was trying to show a customer the difference between water based and silicone lube. Now silicone, if you've never used it before, is larger than the molecules in your skin, so the stuff just slides forever. I couldn't get it out of the bottle cause their was a protective seal. I squeezed really hard and baptized myself in silicone lube; it was everywhere, all over the floor. I had to make a sign for people's protection to save them from the floor. It is SO slippery, you cant turn a door knob if it's on your hands -- seriously.

Special V-Day bonus: From 10am-Noon on February 14, 2010, the Smitten Kitten will be giving away massage candles with purchases over $25.