The Small Cities stream With Fire; release it at Amsterdam

The infectious rock stylings of the Small Cities get highlighted this weekend as the band releases a breakthrough of a new album, With Fire. Rob van Alstyne did an in-person interview with the guys recently, and whether or not there was giggling involved, there was plenty to tell. Read the story from our print edition here.

And then, you should strongly consider attending the group's album release show at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall in St. Paul on Saturday. Need further urging, the Small Cities have offered up their new album for streaming on Bandcamp.

Created with the able help of Peter Wolf Crier's Brian Moen, this is a tension-filled blast.
As van Alstyne points out: "'Wonder Years' is a pitch-perfect portrait of high school dating in the sticks ('I picked you up at your father's place/He smiled but he would never wave/The county roads and dubbed cassettes, and dry unfiltered cigarettes')." To say nothing of the infectious power of the harmonies, and a back-end coda that's worth several run-throughs.

Add to it the frank discussions of religion -- "Wise Blood" spills the blood of Christ all over -- and this album is what lurks in the rural communities of the Midwest, but most are too sheepish to talk about it, let alone write a song about it.

THE SMALL CITIES play a record-release show with Zoo Animal and No Bird Sing on Saturday, March 3, at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall; 612.285.3112

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