The Sleaze, Apples In Stereo, Red Pens, Al Kooper and more must-see shows this weekend


The Walker announced that the time-honored tradition of Music & Movies in the Park is on hiatus this year, which is a shame. We Minnesotans have a commitment to effective use of summer time that's ingrained in us at a cellular level, and nothing spoke to that quite like seeing a show AND watching a movie AND sitting outside all at the same time -- especially when it's FREE.

So if you're like us here at Gimme Noise, after hearing the news, your mind started racing trying to figure out the closest thing to a substitute. Luckily we still have plenty of great shows in clubs all over the Twin Cities, and some even have patios! Drown your sorrows, watch some rock, and if you're really missing the movie series, watch something on your iPod -- but don't miss these awesome show picks, some free, some for a pittance of a cover:


Local "the name says it all" garage-ragers The Sleaze and their partners in crime, "what exactly does the name mean?" Sinks are calling it quits after tonight's Hexagon show, an EP release for Real Numbers, who are the only band co-headlining this show not breaking up. With Les Deux Magots, Teenage Moods, and Wisconsin Night Life. 9 PM, Totally free, 21+, and a patio to boot.

If you're looking for something slightly less SleazySinky and a bit more NoZooBirdsGospel-y, try this: Gospel Gossip, Zoo Animal, and No Bird Sing are also throwing down a free show at the 501 Club. 10 PM, free, 21+, and a small patio I've never actually seen.

British working-class punk legends The Business boot-stomp the Triple Rock stage tonight as well. 8:00 PM, $14.00 at the door, 18+, and you can stand in the spot that used to be the Triple Rock's patio.


Turf Club hosts a First Ave presented show with indie heroes The Apples In Stereo at 8 PM, $15, 21+, and a patio with windows so you can still watch the show.

501 Club hosts a line-up of TC up-and-comers and Picked-To-Clickers with Red Pens, Double Bird, and the Guystorm, 10 PM, 21+, and totally free.

Kill The Vultures, Bouncer Fighter, and Phantom Tails rock the Ran * Art contest/exhibition with an all ages show at Tarnish & Gold Gallery (1511 Marshall NE), Doors at 7 PM, 9 PM start, $7 cover, or $5 if you ride your bike. No word on patio here, but plenty of art.



The Dakota pays tribute to legendary musician/composer/producer/Bob Dylan collaborator/man without whom classic rock wouldn't exist Al Kooper (interview here) with two sets--the first led by show organizer/Honeydog Adam Levy and a cast of Twin Cities legends, and the second by Kooper himself. Show's at 7 PM, $45.