The Sleaze and the Sinks to play reunion show

On Saturday The Sleaze will be re-uniting at the Hexagon to celebrate the release of their posthumous single on Three Dimensional Records. The Sinks, also defunct, are planning a one-time reunion to share the stage for a loud, fast, and energetic night of garage rock. Both of the resurrected bands last played the Hexagon on April 30, 2010 as a farewell show.

Eli at Three Dimensional explained the rationale behind the reunions:

"The Sleaze reforming was due to Conor losing a drunken arm wrestling match. No joke," he says. "Once that was settled the Sinks could not resist playing too."

The Sleaze also have an upcoming single this summer on Total Punk Records. Eli notes that the band may return for further shows, but the Sinks is a one-time appearance. Cozy and Teenage Moods will also be playing.

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