The secret Justin Vernon and Astronautalis project has emerged

Two years ago, Gimme Noise reported that a whiskey-fueled weekend at Justin Vernon's April Base studio had yielded a new collaboration between Astronautalis and the Bon Iver frontman, reportedly called Jason Feathers. Their joint venture also features drummer S. Carey, producer Ryan Olson, and some rhinestone-covered Nudie suits.

A new video clip uploaded to Totally Gross National Product's YouTube page titled "De Oro" and featuring a "JF" logo signals a new era of... something.

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When asked about Jason Feathers last fall, Ryan Olson said "I don't know anything about it. I don't know anything about it."

Back in 2012, Astronautalis told Gimme Noise: "I think everyone should abandon their expectations of what it's going to be, because it's probably going to be very far off."
This clip doesn't provide a whole lot of answers either. But we'd know those hand tattoos and gold grill anywhere. With some creepy synths, Vernon's processed vocals, and not much more, there's still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the shape of what's to come.

The timing of this release proves convenient with the Totally Gross National Party coming up on August 23 at Icehouse. Anything could happen.

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