The Script's Glen Power talks about his band's newfound success in the US


For an Irish rock trio, the Script sure knows how to sway the United States with some damn good Pop songs. Maybe it's their delectable accents that have the ladies swooning, or their undeniable ability to leave us dancing around in our cars and humming their melodies throughout the course of the day, all without realizing the song on the pop radio station is about someone's broken heart.

But in a moment, you understand it, it breaths into you like the most recent break-up you've had to endure. It finally feels like someone understands that you've been dished the lesser half. So if it isn't for the great dynamic of assorted genres, and the likability of their catchy songs, it's about the perception heart-wrenching emotion.

The Script might have taken some time to hit the United States, but luckily we eventually caught on to what the U.K. has been hailing about.

Their debut album, The Script, has three standout singles: "Breakeven," "The Man Who Can't be Moved," and "Before the Worst". Oddly enough, this album was released back in 2008, yet it seems we were farther behind than most realized; "Breakeven" became an absolute hit just this past summer. Seemingly before we knew it, they have released another album, Science & Faith, which they are touring in support of this fall.

Where are you today?

I am in California now just sitting on the tour bus, organizing my clothes and stuff like that getting ready to get into the show now and get ready for sound check.

One thing that I noticed, is that the album, the self-titled album came out in 2008, but interestingly enough, "Breakeven" just made it big on the radio this past summer. And now "The Man Who Can't Be Moved." Is there a reason for the lag?

I think it's the fact that America is so big that it takes a lot longer for a band to get their music into the consciousness of America; so it's just taken longer for us to get around when we started catching on here in the states. And we just went to go on tour and it's so big that some days you'll wake up and you're still on the road, and when you're over here in the U.K. you wake up and you're at the venue. I just think the fact that it's so big here; it takes that extra bit of touring for a band to get known. Luckily, our music has been so good that when it gets in them, they share that with their friends and their family. So that's been more than out than in. We've been really busy touring, we've really got the hatch off and gotten around and played everywhere we could. It's really nice to come back now this time and do a headlining tour and hear the fans sing the songs back to us. We never imagined that we'd get this far from home.

All I know is that "Breakeven" was just everywhere and whether I liked it and wanted to hear it or not, I learned all of the words.

[Laughing] There ya go, you don't have a choice! And that's the great thing about that song; it just connected so well with everybody that was really the calling-card for us. That's what really kick started everything for us. And now people actually know, here we are in America. I think the next major thing now is getting everybody out to show everyone we're a very real band, we're an actual entity. We're a career band, we're not in this for one or two albums, and this is our life.  

Your sound is quite different; I get this hip-hop, R&B vibe, pop-rock... How do you conceive so many genres into one clump of music? Is it based on your influences?

I think a lot of it has to do with the people actually in the band. I think Danny and Mark worked all the way in America for something like eight years, in production and stuff like that. So I think they picked up very much so on the R&B and the hip-hop.

I come more from a rock background and I think that we all have different styles and we put the three of us in a room together and we have a jam. I think that comes out inherently, you can't help that mix happening. But again I think we were looking at our frozen standard of what this band was, and we basically came up with a demo --the first song that we did was "Before the Worst". We recognized the sound on that, and like what you're talking about, there's a lot of different elements. So we were like, okay, how are we going to write long music, and try and capture the essence of that again and it took a while, but it look at it, we did. Once you find who you are, it's really easy to be in a band, and that's exactly what its amounted too, and if you change anyone in that mix you're going to get a different sound.

To speak of "Breakeven" again, [because it's everywhere] the first time I heard the song, it made me happy-- dance-to kind of stuff. Much like "Before the Worst" because it's got so much going on in it, but then you listen to the lyrics and you realize, wow this is actually kind of sad.

Yeah I know it's a duality in that song.

But that's what is great about it; you can make a sad moment or a sad thing in your life or whatever about the song, and interpret it in the way anybody wants to interpret it.

I think that's the miracle of a great song, of any great song, is to write a song that everyone can relate to at anytime in their life. Be it looking back at the past, or into the future, or anytime of their life. That's why that's song has really hit everybody in their hearts, because it's a true representation of what it's like to go through that at that time. Because it really is true, there's always one person left with the lesser half.  

Now how long exactly have you guys been at this thing?

We met up in 2004, and we started seriously when we realized we have something here. In 2005 is when we formed the band, and prior to that you're looking at another 10-15 years we were all trying different things separately. Then we all met up in 2004 and said "wait a minute, this is something we have, and this is what we've been looking for" and it kind of went from there.

So are you right now living the dream, or are you not there yet?

Oh no we're in the dream, the dream is real and we are living the dream. We are definitely 100% in the dream, the great thing about The Script is, we've never arrived-- for us it's the journey. Even when we think we've gotten to where we want to get to, we see another mountain we want to go and climb. I think the beauty of it is now is we're touring on a National level, which is the dream. No matter how big it gets, this is always going to be our life, we're always going to be building, traveling and touring. So this is the dream, we're there; we're actually at the dream. When we get to go on stage and play in front of people that actually want to go and see us, and they're excited when we come out on stage that's the dream.

When we started this band and the first gig was in Ireland at a place called the Dublin, and we played to 54 people that didn't know the words to the song, didn't know who we were. Just to put it into perspective, three weeks ago we put tickets on sale for our Irish tour, and one of the dates is going to be at an arena called the 02 Arena which holds like 12,000. And they had to put an extra two nights on because the demand was so high. We sold out three nights of that arena, and in less than 40 minutes we broke a record in the box-office there.

So to look at where we've come from that first gig with 54 people to being able to come out the back with that much power, it's very homely. And it just goes to show that when you get the ingredients right and you put the hard work in it pays off.

THE SCRIPT perform tonight, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, at the STATE THEATRE. $28. 8 p.m.

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