The Roots and Brother Ali collaborate on "The Trap"

We've been waiting for footage to surface from Brother Ali's collaboration with the Roots on Tuesday night's episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and now there are a few places to check out what happened on his latest adventure to New York. You can watch the full episode, with guest appearances by Brother Ali, on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon site (skip to the intro and exit music surrounding commercial breaks for Ali's appearances), and now a YouTube video has popped up of Ali and the Roots playing later in the evening at BB King's. The song they are playing is "The Trap," a track off the Off the Record mixtape Ali released with BK-One.

You can also check out Brother Ali's Twitter feed for a few comments about his experience with the Roots:

Packing my bags and heading to NY in the morning. They tell me I'm joining @Questlove and The Roots on Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night.

Top 3 Rap groups of all time in chronological order. RUN-DMC, Public Enemy, The Roots.

Had a wonderful time with @Questlove and The Roots crew yesterday. Rocked with en at their Holiday prty at BB King's as well.

For being the lagends that The Roots are, they're amazingly humble, warm people.

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