The Rockford Mules reunite to benefit cyclist hurt in hit-and-run accident

The Rockford Mules reunite to benefit cyclist hurt in hit-and-run accident
Photo by Serah Sauser

The hard-driving Americana rockers the Rockford Mules decided to call it quits almost a year ago now, but bassist Craig Peck tells Gimme Noise that an unfortunate event has led to a fortunate, one-night reunion.

In late June, their friend Tom Ebel -- who played in Doghouse Roses with Erik Tasa from the Mules, and in Planet of the Apes with Shane from Kruddler -- was critically injured in a hit-and-run accident while riding his bike. Ebel was left on the hook for the medical bills to repair most of his right side, so the Mules are getting back in action in November for a benefit show at Cause.

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The show will take place Saturday, November 9, and is set to feature Kruddler, the Desert Vest, and the Slush Puppies donating their time to assist Ebel. Based upon his account of the incident, the injuries obviously didn't tap his spirit.

"Okay, so I'm riding down the street and I see this teeny tiny car," he says. "I'm looking at it thinking, 'Why does that car look like its getting bigger and bigger?' Then it hit me. Ba dum dum."

On June 27 at around 7:30 p.m., it was still very sunny out. Ebel was riding from work to Nicollet and 4th, to catch the 16 back to St. Paul. At the bus stop, a father and son were waiting for the same bus, he says. With only two bike mounts available, he decided "hell, I'll just pedal."

He headed down Marquette, slowed for a red light, and then picked up the pace when the light turned green.

"Meanwhile, dude was showing his car the shoe thru a yellow light that turned red," Ebel says. "We met when I bounced off the windshield. End result being broken femur, pelvis, and clavicle. Also some nice road rash resulting in stitches and staples. I may have been left with a dead, four-day-old bike and smashed headphones, but also with a new-found respect, love, and admiration for the stranger that called 911 and tended to me while the ambulance was on its way. God bless that man."

Even if they swear this is the last "last" show, the Rockford Mules will unretire for the night to give some support to Ebel's cause. They noted that practicing for the gig is already underway. "Just like riding a bike!" Craig says.

The Rockford Mules. With Kruddler, the Desert Vest, and the Slush Puppies. $10 donation. 8 p.m., Saturday, November 9 at Cause. RSVP here.

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