The Rockford Mules debut a "bad motherf*cker" single

Armed with a new drummer and new single, The Rockford Mules have been recording a new EP that is set to release this coming fall. Eager and impatient to share their new single that they have described as a "bad motherf*cker," the southern blues band has changed up their sound on "Angel Asked Me How Sin Feels" without letting them get lost in the shift.

Gimme Noise is debuting the new song before their show at their show at the Turf Club on Friday night.

Opening up about the evolution of the upcoming EP,

O Tulip I Told You So

, lead singer Erik Tasa admits to being a huge Amy Winehouse fan, and trying to grasp the reasoning behind people need to destroy themselves. Tasa says of the title track, "How many

Behind the Music

s do you need to see before you figure out that this all ends the same way? No one is the exception to the rule of indulgence -- except Keith Richards. The song is an outside observer's cautionary tale. I am also the father to a beautiful daughter; I cannot imagine having to see her go through something like that. It's a song I hope to never sing to her."

The new single "Angel Asked Me How Sin Feels" stitches together all new sounds for the band -- something complex and winding. The song writhes in its own environment, building from beginning to end -- much like a live Rockford Mules' show.

Erik concludes, "We appreciate all that we have done together musically and the miles we have put behind us as friends. We are lonesome, ornery, and mean souls who don't know what else to do when we get behind such volume. The band has never had a problem with keeping the energy up. It's something that is you; it's not something you conjure, and I do suppose when the day comes that we don't feel it, it will more than likely be our last show. No big deal. You're only effective when it's sincere."

The Rockford Mules will be at the Turf Club Friday, June 15, 2012 with Get Gone and Cavalier Crooks.
21+, $6, 9 pm

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