The Rob Thomas-Jayhawks connection

The Rob Thomas-Jayhawks connection

Wait, what? While the former Matchbox Twenty lead singer-turned-pop pap solo artist Rob Thomas and Twin Cities alt-country legends the Jayhawks seem like unlikely bedfellows, Thomas reportedly took a moment at his concert at the Xcel last night to thank the local band for inspiring his new song, "Sunday Morning New York Blue."

According to the Star Tribune's newly rebranded Artcetera blog, Thomas had the following to say about his new song: "Thank you, Twin Cities. Because without the Twin Cities, there wouldn't be Minneapolis. And without Minneapolis, there wouldn't be the Jayhawks. And without the Jayhawks, there wouldn't have been [the inspiration for] that song. ... I don't know what you do here, must be something in the water."

Here's a video of Thomas performing the song at a recent show. Try not to gag at his introduction.

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