The Replacements WILL REUNITE live at Riot Fest

We predict a Riot?
We predict a Riot?
Photo by Steve Cohen

Over the past year or so, fans of the Replacements have seen more collaborative activity from the principal members than there has been in quite some time. The Songs for Slim EP project reminded us what it's like to hear a band powered by Paul Westerberg, Tommy Stinson, and a few close friends, and it turned up the amps on the "what if" scenarios that have floated around for the past two decades since the band broke things off in 1991.

On Wednesday, organizers of Riot Fest, a weekend festival happening September 13-15 in Chicago, revealed that the 13 question marks on their poster just below Fall Out Boy and Blink-182 stand for the Replacements. Additionally, the band is one of the headliners at the Riot Fests being staged in Toronto (August 24-25) and Denver (September 21-22). 

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Earlier today, the Star Tribune's Chris Riemenschneider wrote that a cryptic tweet posted (and later deleted) this afternoon stoked this rumor. It read: "holy. shit. We're getting the band back together. #riotfest"

He added that Replacements manager Ben Perlstein also reps the Smoking Popes, who are also on the impressive Riot Fest bill. Westerberg and Stinson's schedules are open in September, it's way too early to call this a certainty and it is now a certainty.

The Replacements' new website has this graphic on it.

The Replacements WILL REUNITE live at Riot Fest

And, there is now a very official Replacements Twitter account:

As it was before the announcement, the acts taking part include Guided by Voices, Blondie, (Black) Flag, Dinosaur Jr., Violent Femmes, Public Enemy, and a hell of a lot of other bands making it more than worth a drive down to the Windy City for a $149 weekend. Atmosphere, Bob Mould, and Dessa provide some Minnesota-connected flavor for the event, as well.

The Replacements WILL REUNITE live at Riot Fest

At minimum, it's a reminder to the local public that Pitchfork and Lollapalooza aren't the only ones toting festival firepower in the Windy City. At max, there will be a lot more speculation, assumption, and presupposition on the internet leading up to the event, and So, everyone gets all shook down in Humboldt Park. And let's not forget that the band will also play in Toronto on the weekend of August 24-25, and in Denver on the weekend of September 21-22.

The Replacements WILL REUNITE live at Riot Fest
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Here's the statement from Riot Fest's Facebook:

Here you go Riot Festonians, we are honored, excited and all together amazed to announce that THE REPLACEMENTS are headlining RIOT FEST Chicago, Denver and Toronto. Seriously guys, THE REPLACEMENTS. I'm going to do a shot, cry a little, and get ready for a ridiculous summer.

According to Pitchfork, "This lineup of the Replacements will definitely include Westerberg and Stinson. The rest of the band's lineup will be announced at a later date."

Until there is anything remotely resembling an official announcement, Gimme Noise and associates will be at the CC Club trying to see the facts straight celebrating through our beer goggles.

Riot Fest Chicago three-day passes are $149 here. More on Riot Fest here.

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