The Replacements post brief rehearsal footage -- no sign of Har Mar

The Replacements post brief rehearsal footage -- no sign of Har Mar

When the Replacements hit the stage for Riot Fest dates in Toronto, Chicago, and Denver, it's a safe bet that they'll be toting "Alex Chilton." Why? Well, the guys -- whoever they are aside from Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson -- posted a clip from a practice space featuring a tiny bit of the song.

The footage showed up on the band's new Facebook page Thursday. By their own admission the Replacements' entry into social media hasn't been a full-on plunge. "Keep checking back here at the official band page of The Replacements for a bevy of inactivity and a disturbing lack of content!" is the tagline the site offers.

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So, part of this disturbing lack is that we only get nine seconds of the Replacements rehearsing. Nine! And all you can see is a headless figure in some baggy shorts rocking out and a sliver of a drummer. Definitely no Har Mar Superstar.

"Rest assured people, when personnel are confirmed, we will announce it here. Anything else is just a good ol' goof," another post from last week reads.

So, take it away, headless figure in some baggy shorts!

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