The Replacements launch... web store and expanded website

The Replacements launch... web store and expanded website
Photo by Erik Hess

The local 'Mats fans had a lot of theories Friday when the mostly dormant Replacements Twitter account lit up. All it said was "Preparing to launch..." and that could've meant almost anything.

Tommy Stinson's manager Ben Perlstein confirms that the launch at this point has to do with one particular thing -- the previously very bare-bones official website. For months before and since the Riot Fest reunion shows this year, the site has basically been a landing page and not much more than that.

Here it was:

Some of the theories of what could've been happening:

Well, no. But an expanded website with an online store with merch goodies from Riot Fest is here. Other interactive features are on the way, including a timeline where fans can upload old photos from past gigs.

Perlstein says that more ways to remember the Riot Fest shows are still in the works.

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