The Popstream: The 1968 Ohio State Fair Talent Contest


"OK, guys, we're doin' this. We've got the Rickenbackers all restringed, my voice is in top shape, I've memorized all the lyrics to 'Over Under Sideways Down', and we're gonna win that ten grand. So, what'cha gonna do with your share of the money, Tony?"

"Aw, geez, Phil. Y'see that brand-new AMX they got in the window at the American Motors dealership? That orange one with the Go Package? I'm buyin' that. Wait'll I pull up to Suzy's front door and take her to the prom in that machine! What about you, Jimmy?"

"I was thinkin' of just going on a summer-long vacation through Europe, y'know, maybe find myself. I hear they got some crazy action happening up in Paris, like, a bunch of college kids took over the city or something. I bet anything goes up there, man."

"Pfft, fine, you two can buy your sports cars and your trips through France if you want. Soon as you get back from your little joyrides, I'm renting us a studio and we're cutting our first LP. We're gonna make The Infinite Tangerine into household names the moment we win this."

"Yeah, so long as we beat those guys with the Afros, we've got it made."

"Wait, what guys with the Afros?"