The Popstream: Soundgarden, "Big Bottom/Earache My Eye"

The Popstream: Soundgarden, "Big Bottom/Earache My Eye"

I went to high school in the early-mid '90s and had hair down to my shoulders -- of course I'm miserable at what Chris Cornell's wound up turned into. Soundgarden are one of those rare 120 Minutes bands from my high school years that I still like (along with Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Nirvana, Beck, Dinosaur Jr. -- OK, maybe "rare" was the wrong word here), and between Chris' baffling James Bond theme and the hamfisted attempt at Timbaland-assisted pop crossover that is Scream -- not to mention his dopey, Twitter-abetted feud with Trent Reznor -- the more I cling desperately to the remnants of greatness contained in records like Ultramega OK and Superunknown. But occasionally, long-lost pieces of evidence can reemerge in the case for Cornell's onetime greatness -- like, for instance, a live dual tribute to Spinal Tap and Cheech & Chong.
This double feature from the 1990 A&M Louder Than Live promotional video includes the faux-metal classic "Big Bottom" (sadly, without the armada of basses Tap used in the film, but with enough low end to make any mudflap aficionado happy enough) and everybody's favorite stoners' goof on early '70s glam rock, both of which are blown out into hectic, completely unhinged grunge/doom squall-of-noise chaos. I kind of wish Cornell had kept "Earache My Eye" up long enough to go through the entire "I'm so bloody rich, I own apartment buildings and shopping cent-ahs" monologue at the end, but they did find a good way to close things out anyhow: they smashed a whole bunch of shit.

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