The Popstream: Skillz's 5-Season 'The Wire' Rap-Up

The Popstream: Skillz's 5-Season 'The Wire' Rap-Up

If you want something recapped in hip-hop verse -- anything you want -- you call Skillz. The Richmond, Virginia-based MC has been notorious for a number of things, including but not limited to the speculation-fueling track "Ghostwriter," where he claimed to have written verses for prominent rappers in exchange for money; the incriminating names were blanked out on record but Sean "Diddy" Combs admitted to keeping Skillz in his Rolodex somewhere next to Pharoahe Monch. But the thing that Skillz has been the most infamous for over the last few years is his Yearly Rap-Up, where he condenses everything that happened in hip hop, entertainment, sports, politics and culture over the last 12 months into about five minutes of funny, quick-witted verse. And he doesn't just stick to year-in-review pieces, either -- if you've ever wanted a condensed but thorough recap of most the major plot events that happened in the now-concluded Greatest TV Show of All Time, he's got you covered there, too.
Sure, some stuff gets glossed over in this (SPOILER-FILLED) video: Ziggy's absent, McNulty's personal life isn't touched on and I don't think we see those doorknobs Herc and Carver for more than a split second. But if you're thinking of watching your complete collection of DVDs for a second time and want to get up to speed quick, Skillz hits all the marks, and he makes sure to get in the perfect last line -- word to Clay Davis.

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