The Popstream: Skate 2 Intermission


I tried, honestly. I wanted to do the responsible thing and find a really cool, obscure, funny music clip on YouTube when I got home from work last night, but I got a bit distracted by this video game called Skate 2. It's the sequel to a game called Tekken 3 Skate, which more or less lives up to its title as a game that involves skateboarding, albeit in a more realistic fashion than the million-point-combo 1080-degree-backflip-Behihana off a skyscraper onto Phil Margera's head nonsense of some of the later Tony Hawk games. For the uninitiated, Skate 2 is kind of like the open-world mayhem of Grand Theft Auto, only instead of stealing cars and murdering people you're jumping off ramps and falling on your ass. And, since everything's all user-generated and 2.0 nowadays, you not only get to fall on your ass but upload video of yourself falling on your ass onto the internet. And the ass-falling-on physics in this game are bananas.

This is hardly the gnarliest bail (did I say that right? My skater culture knowhow kind of peaked in the '80s) you'll find online, but I like the way it pans out: an attempt to ramp up onto a dumpster is thwarted by mere inches, sending my computerized sorta-doppelganger skidding across its surface on his back until he hits a remarkably uncomfortable-looking landing and winding up fifteen different kinds of concussed.

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