The Popstream: Rex the Dog vs. Goldfrapp


Imagine you're a techno artist who's been at it for more than 15 years, who's had top ten hits on the British charts and has made a reputation for himself as a creative producer and remixer with a sideline in snappy visual animation and cartooning. Now imagine that you, the aforementioned artist, submitted a remix for the latest single from an ultra-hip and in-demand pop group, and they decide to reject it. What do you do? Well, if you're Rex the Dog, and the remix in question intends to jolt some synthpop life into Goldfrapp's vaguely twee and Kinks-ian "Happiness", you decide to not only release it anyways, but create an on-the-cheap video for it. Whether this is a vindictive move or not is strictly up to interpretation, but keep in mind that Alison Goldfrapp's vocals are delivered via a bewigged monkey puppet.

That doesn't necessarily make it mean, though -- just weird, especially in context of how the video plays out. The iconographic little dog character that shows up in most of Rex the Dog's album art, videos and merch pops in after about half a minute, and he joins the simian Goldfrapp puppet in the process of cooking... well, something. This looks like it cost nothing to make and was done on the fly (count the number of times you see a the top of a puppeteer's head), even though the track itself -- a slick, shuffle-beat piece of electro goodness which you can hear in clearer, cleaner fidelity here -- at least sounds like more than a few bucks went into it.

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