The Popstream: Q-Tip, "Scenario" (live @ the Knitting Factory 9/29/08)


Everybody: you deserve an apology. I realize that I subjected many of you to a glimpse of unremitting awfulness on Monday, and while I hold no pre-conceived ideas as to the moral or intellectual quality of person that views this column on a regular basis, I at least assume that you are all reasoning, sentient beings with emotions and the ability to think and comprehend. This means that exposing you to brokeNCYDE may actually be grounds for a human rights violation. I have to cancel this out in some way or another, so here is one of the greatest rap songs of all time, performed by actual cool people in front of an audience that actually exists outside of MySpace.

A Tribe Called Quest are great. Q-Tip, who released one of my favorite albums last year, is great. And "Scenario" is a great song from The Low End Theory, which is a great, great album. So we're looking at some quality stuff here, as Tip (accompanied by ATCQ cohort Consequence) jumps into this fan favorite at a show in NYC's Knitting Factory last year. I was thinking of not spoiling the awesome surprise in this clip, but by mentioning that there is a surprise I have probably tipped you off (NO PUN INTENDED!) to what the surprise is, and even if not, well, YouTube has that thing now where they put the title of the clip in the preview, and also from that preview you can probably pick out that dude in the center and go "oh hey it's that dude." So I might as well say right now that the surprise is Busta Rhymes -- whose verse on "Scenario" was one of hip hop's greatest show-stealing "this dude is gonna be huge" verses -- showing up unannounced to do his awesome "rawr rawr like a dungeon dragon" rampage. I love how bonkers people go when he jumps in -- almost as much as I love how bonkers he gets. The special bonus of hearing "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See" is just gravy.