The Popstream: Mick Franken

The Popstream: Mick Franken

OK, this Senate election recount thing's gotten to the point where we have a "winner", technically, in Al Franken, though of course Norm Coleman's going to sue because he [pick one: is not a quitter/is deluded] and will therefore keep this thing going until we are all dead and moldering in the ground. But if you are a Franken supporter (or, I don't know, if you're actually Al Franken) you probably feel like celebrating anyhow. Chances are you feel like there should be some sort of victory declaration, maybe a big speech -- better yet, a big, belated party-style to-do replete with a triumphant campaign anthem. May I suggest "Under My Thumb?" 'Cause I'm pretty sure Al still knows all the words.
Yes, this is Al Franken cavorting about on the TV program "Solid Gold" doing a pretty spot-on if spastic and unflattering caricature of circa-Tattoo You Mick Jagger, with longtime comedy cohort Tom Davis playing the part of Keith Richards. This isn't the first time they found themselves in the middle of a sendup of some classic British rock and roll icons -- they also had minor roles in the underrated Beatles parody The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash (the closest we ever got to a legit SNL/Monty Python all-star crossover) -- but this is probably the funniest. Detractors might point to this as a reason we should be mortified at the prospect of Franken taking this office; I see this as a reason to feel proud about voting for him.

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