The Popstream: Lusurfer

The Popstream: Lusurfer

If you're not sure what to do tonight and have no specific requirements other than that it has to involve some completely ridiculous high- (or low-) concept comedy rock act, head to Lee's Liquor Lounge 'cause you are in all kinds of luck. Lusurfer is a local band that's been gigging around town on a regular basis for a while now, and since it takes something special to help a band stand out amongst all the Prozac Rats and These Modern Sockses that're vying for stage time, it's fortuitous that they hit on the holy-shit-genius idea of combining the blackest of black metal with surf rock. Hawaiian shirts and corpse paint, together at last -- but how do they sound?If this short YouTube clip's any indication, it works pretty well -- and, despite the hodad-unfriendly lyrics ("You're dead! Fuck you!"), it's actually a pretty subtle tweak. If you're keeping your ears open for metal sounds, you can actually hear that twanging guitar and garage-rock organ as something that could easily be transposed to a chugga-chugga twin-guitar dirge, but if you're just listening to it as surf music, it sounds like surf music, albeit a kind of sinister strain. It's a gimmick, but it works like a charm.

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