The Popstream: King Khan & the Shrines, "I Wanna Be a Girl"

Drop everything you are doing right now and prepare yourself for a level of radness that is incomprehensible to the average human mind: King Khan, who kicked out at least fifteen kinds of jams with BBQ Show last October, is returning to the Triple Rock in May with his colossal, superbad backing band the Shrines. Why is this awesome? Well, in short, what the Cramps were to rockabilly, King Khan & the Shrines are to garage rock, classic soul and/or voodoo. They've been at it for something like ten years now, debuting with the EP "Spread Your Love Like Peanut Butter" back in 1999, and with last year's collection The Supreme Genius of King Khan & the Shrines and a show-stealing afternoon set at the 2008 Pitchfork Music Festival, their following has only managed to grow in recent years. And if you still haven't heard 'em, check this clip out -- it's one of their best songs, set to one of the most insane b-movie horror-flick scenarios I've ever seen.

Now what in the hell the video's about, or what it has to do with the song, I honestly can not figure out. The song is just what the title insinuates, a raucous and awe-struck celebration of all those appealing and mysterious female traits that drive men out of their minds ("the way they bitch and the way that they curse/the way they smell and the things in their purse"). I do not believe that the grotesque yeti-beast, the demonic walking suit of armor or the assorted terrified victims of said monstrosities have that sort of gender envy, what with being characters in what appears to be a mid-1970s Latin American horror film (or a spectacular simulacrum thereof), but between the wah-wah-drenched, hyperactive soul-rock music and the 2-a.m. UHF Creature Feature visuals, just about everything great about the King Khan aesthetic is captured here.

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